Sushi Ginza Iwa – Tokyo

I think I might be addicted to Michelin Star Sushi.  I was in Tokyo and went out to Sushi Ginza Iwa and had a great time as usual with the Omakase.IMG_5446

Located in Ginza, on one of the parallel streets that have an amazing amount of hidden gems, you need to find it amongst all of those hidden places and signs.

Here is Iwa-san preparing for the evening’s Omakase. I am ready to go! We start of with some Hirame (Flounder) Sashimi.  So delicate.  Words can’t describe it, so I will just let you know what everything is.  But if it stands out, you’ll see more words! Next is Budi. Abalone.  Wow, this was tender and awesome. This is Ayu.  Cooked Sweetfish, this also has the roe cooked in.  Not one of my favorites. I missed a photo of the Saba, but then came Shishamu.  Delicate for sure.

Next is Katsuo (Bonito), marinated in Soy for awhile and then sliced up. Iwa-san working his craft. Kani.  Shredded and then marinated.  So sinful. On to the Nigri Sushi!  This is Engawa or Fluke Fin. Shima Aji – Striped Jack Fish. Simple Maguro.  But so much better than a normal sushi place. A break for a moment with Anago.  Grilled nicely. Back to the Nigri and over to Chutoro.  Yum! And of course you have Otoro.  I like the fattiness of the Otoro, but Chutoro is the total package for me. Sumi Ika Kasugodai or Baby Snapper. Aji Hotate, treated a little differently than normal. Ikura! The Ikura was treated in Soy and Mirin.  Look at this bowl that Iwa-san works with! Kuruma Ebi.  So crisp and fresh! See what Iwa-san has?  Oh yes, here comes the Uni! Come to me! Miso to head towards the end. And Green Tea to even it all out. Wait, there is more!  Another serving of Anago, treated differently! Finishing it off with Kanpyo Roll. And of course, Tamago.  This one more custard-y. An amazing meal, definitely a great one!  Iwa-san was so hospitable and a pleasure to talk with.  As I have always said, it’s not just about the food, but also the experience.  Go for it!


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