Tokyo Station Ramen Street – Tokyo

You hear about Ramen Streets in Tokyo.  A famous on is at Shinagawa station.  Tokyo station also has one.  I decided to give two of the eight shops a try on different days.

Located underneath the station, you can get down and find it in the underground station.

There is a handy map that tells you where all the eight stalls are. The first stall I visited was Shio Ramen Senmon Huriga. They specialize in Chicken Broth Ramen. Great work as they are so happy. Of course I have to go for the everything Ramen.  Char Siew, Shrimp Dumplings and all the toppings.  It was light, refreshing and pretty tasty.  Doesn’t leave that heavy taste in your mouth at all. The next day I went to Sendai Negi Shio Ramen, or Kizo. Here is their menu. Interesting motif inside. Their specialty is Beef Tongue Ramen.  Of course, I had to try.  The Tongue was tender, but it was really nothing special.  Aside from the Tongue instead of Char Siew. Two down, six to go!


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