Hemingways Cafe – St. John’s, Antigua

We stopped in St. John’s, Antigua, on our Caribbean cruise.  After a morning of zip lining, we headed into town to have lunch.  We found a place that was pretty highly rated in Hemingways Cafe and it’s local specialties.

Head up to the second floor and you can sit on the balcony overlooking the streets of St. John’s. The ambience is open space, that’s for sure.

Taking a look at the menu, there are local specialties and other familiar fare.

You have to sit out on their verandah and have a couple of drinks.  Here is fruit punch and guava palava.


On to the food!

When in the Caribbean, you need to have Conch Fritters.  Every island does it differently.

This one is mostly dough with bits of conch.

A little dry for my liking, but flavorful, that’s for sure.

Next up, the fresh fish of the day!  Mahi Mahi today.  This is straight grilled, with a creole sauce, served with salad, fried plantains and fries.

Fresh for sure, and a real nice flavor.

A great stop for lunch.  Not spectacular, but pretty good.



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