The Chocolate Factory – Khao Yai

We went for a full family vacation to Khao Yai, about a 2 hour drive north of Bangkok.  The Chocolate Factory was recommended as a nice place to have a meal, so off we went on our first night for dinner. The inside is a very modern feel.  There is also al fresco dining outside. The menu is pretty big and ranges all over the place. We start with some drinks.  I feature a Chocolate Drink and the Ice Lemon Tea.


There are certainly no shortage of pasta dishes on the menu and my family loves them.

Sausage and Mushroom Cream Pasta. Seafood. Carbonara (my 6 year old niece’s favorite!) Bolognese.Then there are Meat dishes.  Calamari, Pork Chop, Tenderloin, Ribeye and Fish with Rice. But we are in Thailand!  Why do I want to eat Western food?  Especially on the first night?  So my wife and I went Thai, along with 2 others.

Pad Thai and Crab Fried Rice of course.

And then even more Thai.  Yellow Curry Squid and Fried Tilapia with Spicy Sauce.

The Thai dishes weren’t bad at all.  But it’s pretty touristy and with a wide selection, they know who their target audience is – the tourists.

More power to them.  Good place to bring a family with kids that’s for sure.



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