Ban Mai Chay Nam – Khao Yai

This place comes up as recommended in a lot of tourist guides when you visit Khao Yai.  It’s a museum/restaurant/fun place to head to.  Let’s check it out!

The place is pretty cool.

The views from the place are amazing.  There are many levels and they overlook a river with a suspension bridge that you can cross the river with. Time to eat! Let the food come!

Prawn Cakes.

Prawns wrapped in Spring Roll Pastry. Som Tom.  Authentic and awesome.Tom Yum Goong. Crab Omelette.Prawn Tang Hoon. Fried Tilapia with Spicy Sauce. Yes, Veggie. Prawn with Beans. Chicken with Cashews.Green Curry Chicken. This place is definitely a must visit when you go to Khao Yai.  You can eat and spend an hour or so just checking out the museum and all the antique displays.  And take a million pictures.


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