Bella Napoli – Bangkok

If you spend enough time in Bangkok, or anywhere else for that matter, you can sick of the local food and you want something else.  So in this case on our 6th day in Thailand, we went for Italian food!

Recommended highly was Bella Napoli, close to the Emporium Mall and Dinosaur World. Located just a few steps from the main road at Sukhumvit.

Cute little Rooster Bread holders!Starters we got were the Tomata Mozzarella.  Very fresh. And Parma Ham with Melon.  Again, very fresh melon and high quality Parma.The special of the night was a Mixed Seafood Grill.  A little bland to me. But they are known for Pasta.  Here is Lasagna. Carbonara with Ham and Mushrooms.  All of their pastas are further baked in a claypot with a layer of dough on the top.  Unfortunately, the top of the dough was cooked, but the sides were thicker and still raw.  You couldn’t eat that.  Just a strange method of cooking it. Bolognese.Truffle Cream.  This was absolutely yum. But they are even more well known for having great pizza. This is seafood pizza.  For those of you that know me, you know I disapprove of seafood and red sauce on pizza.  I don’t really get it.  Seafood on white sauce or garlic oil, etc.  – that is different.

But, that being said, eating their pizzas, it passes my book for sure!  It is like NY style pizza, not quite there, but definitely good. Mushroom Truffle Cream.  This was awesome.Cheese Pizza. Ham and Mushroom. Dessert time. Tiramisu. Affogato. Coffee Ice Cream.A good Italian experience in Bangkok.  I will definitely be back for pizza.


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