Restoran Yit Foh – Johor Bahru

I had a hankering for Wonton Mee while in Johor Bahru.  I happened to be around KSL City Mall and heard that Restoran Yit Foh was a pretty decent eat.  So off I went for the 5 minute walk to the shop.

The menu is pretty simple.  Wonton Mee, dry or soup, and some individual side items.  All for a great price. I went for the large.  Why not?  The price is good and I was hungry.  The plate comes with noodles, Char Siew and Veggie.  The Wonton is in the soup on the side. I put the Wonton on the plate.  My first impression – my goodness, so much noodles, but so little Wonton!Basically the Large means a large noodle and nothing else.

My impressions?  It’s your basic Malaysian-style Wonton Mee.  Small Wontons, Dry Char Siew but the noodles and the sauce are excellent.  This is the case here.


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