Vatos Urban Tacos – Singapore Locations

Vatos has been in Singapore for a bit now and I have finally gotten around to trying their brick and mortar stall at South Beach and their Express outlet at Timbre+.

As you loyal readers know, I am a huge fan of tacos, so this is on the list of must try places.

I went for lunch at the South Beach location and it’s quite laid back.  Industrial as is the trend these days with a lot of West Coast based outfits.  Vatos originated in Los Angeles, so it makes sense.Need to start with a Jarritos. I got a basket of chips.  But the chips are the size of frisbees.  Interesting for sure.  The Salsa dips were interesting, with the red being a nice sizzling hot and the green a little meh. I got the lunch special and it comes with a 3 tacos of your choice (special tacos require and upcharge) and a choice of seasoned fries, rice and beans or a cole slaw.  I chose the fries.  Mistake.  Just not a memorable side at all. For the special I got the Fish Tacos.  These pieces of fish were huge!  I fully expected it to be all batter when I saw it, but it wasn’t.  The fish was nice inside and the slaw on top made it just nice.  It was a little too big for the small tortilla and it could have used a little more sauce to even it out, but it was a good fish taco. I added the Galbi Short Rib tacos as well.  The meat was seasoned nicely, and it was just the right amount of meat in proportion to the tortilla.  This is a winner.  A little more sauce needed here also, but still ok.I will have to head back to try the other tacos that they have.  Research you know?

Over at the stall at Timbre+ I decided to go for the Bulgogi Beef Bowl.

Quite a nice bowl with blending textures.Tacos.  Go for the tacos, without a doubt.


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