Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice – Katong Shopping Centre

I have heard a lot about this Chicken Rice and how good it is.  I headed down a little early, hoping to beat the lunch crowd and got there around 11:40am.  Lucky for me, there were only three ahead of me in queue.  At noon, the queue quickly grew to 20+.

It is quite busy.  All you do is let them know if you want Boiled or Roasted Chicken.  They will ask for how many people and give it to you appropriately.  Each portion is SGD$5 a head.  You get free ABC soup and Achar to go along with your meal.  If you want egg or other extras such as Char Siew or Roast Pork, you just let them know as well.  The rice is fragrant, the chicken is tender and juicy.  Perfect. But the Soup was amazing with a great cabbage taste and not too salty.  I could slurp that.  And then the Achar was excellent.  Lightly pickled, not too tart and not too spicy.  A pleasant surprise and a good refresher.

Found out that those are also free flow!


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