Victor’s Kitchen – Chinatown Point

I keep hearing about Victor’s Kitchen and how the Dim Sum is pretty good there.  I knew there was a branch in Chinatown Point, aside from the original in Sunshine Plaza.  So one day we went down for a late Dim Sum.

It was a little difficult to find, and come to find out it’s just a real small outlet in a small space, kind of lost in everything in the Basement of Chinatown Point.

I had heard about their Siew Mai and Custard Buns, but the order sheet didn’t show them.

Turns out that because it was Chinese New Year time, they have a special menu!  Here is the normal menu. Not put off by it, I’ll go back another time if the Dim Sum is good, we went ahead any way.  Har Gow.  Tasty for sure.  But you usually get four per rack, not three. Spinach and Shrimp Crystal Dumplings.  These were pretty good too! Chicken Feet.  A little different than the normal Dim Sum fare, but still pretty good.

Crispy Shrimp Rolls.  These were pretty good too, a nice layer of prawn inside the bean curd. Steamed Seafood Maw Rolls.  These were a highlight to me.  Plenty of Maw, some chicken thigh, others inside.  This was real tasty to me. You Tiao Rolls.  These need to be crispy and fresh.  This was both and more.  Excellent version.Prawn Rice Rolls.  Also a great version. Char Siew Rolls.  Not a fan of the Char Siew, but the others at the table liked it.And finally some Spare Rib Rice, which my mom likes a lot.  This was a decent version.

Not bad at all.  I’ll have to go back and try the Siew Mai and Custard buns the next time.


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