Lime Truck – Suntec

I remember watching the Great Food Truck Race on The Food Network and I remember the second season and how I did not like The Lime Truck at all.  It was a lackluster season and it did end up winning.

Now they have opened a permanent location in Singapore.  Located at the Pasar Bella in Suntec, they offer Taco Tuesday!  Where each taco is S$3.50!

The menu is listed below.  The Bowls are a huge attraction here, but for me, as you might have guessed – it’s the Tacos! I wanted to try the Limeade.  But was disappointed that it was from the Drink Stall and not their own.  As mentioned, it was Taco Tuesday, so I decided to go for all six different tacos.  The only one I didn’t want was the Potato one.  I am not a fan of the Potato Taco.

The first round was, from left to right, the Slow Braised Pork Belly, Grilled Chicken and the Number 1 Steak.

All great tacos, all very tasty in their own right.  The Pork Belly dressing was great, the chicken was ok and the steak was well marinated and tender.  Of this round, the steak is the best. The next round was, from left to right, the Grilled Barramundi, Fried Chicky and Beef Ribs.

The fish was a little dry to me, not well made.  The Chicken was pretty tasty, it was the pickles that made this.  And the Beef Ribs were tender and pretty awesome.  A tie here between the Chicken and the Beef Ribs.

I would go with the Fried Chicky, Beef Ribs, Steak and Pork Belly as my choices going forward.


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