Char – Jalan Besar

Who doesn’t like a great Char Siew or Siew Yoke?  Me, I like a good one and that is why I was recommended Char in the Jalan Besar area.  On Vesak Day we decided to give it a try.


It’s quite a nice space inside, roomy and airy.



Let’s just get right to it!  We went with the two types combo platter of Char Siew and Siew Yoke.  We didn’t go for the third one, the Soy Sauce Chicken.

The first thing you notice on the Char Siew is how dark the color is, but the next thing is the amount of the fat layer on the Char Siew!


The Char Siew has a lot of fat and is glazed in caramelized goodness.


A closer look and you can see the fat layer along with some meat.  Honestly, for me, it’s a little too fatty and jialak.  And it’s also a little too sweet with the glaze.  You definitely need white rice to balance this out or else it’s too much.


The Siew Yoke is nicely done.  Crispy skin, a good amount of meat.  This was much more to my liking than the Char Siew.


We also decided to go with the Duck.  Crispy skin and a little herbal in taste.  It’s not your typical Hong Kong Roasted Duck, but it’s a nice tasting one.


The dipping sauces that come with it.  But there wasn’t any plum sauce that came for the duck.  A miss there.


I have to think twice about trying the Char Siew again.  Maybe more meat on the cut and it might be better for me.


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