Fumée – Millenia Walk

We decided to try out Fumée because we saw the 1-for-1 deals that they were having.  It’s not like us to pass up a bargain.

Located on the first floor of Millenia Walk, it’s considered a Gastropub with a live performance space.  It’s quite a nice atmosphere inside.

One-for-one, where do we start?  They have a Lobster special.  Along with half a lobster you get some bacon and chicken.  Now, I thought it was just the lobster in the half shell, but they take it out and make it a Thermidor style.  Interesting.  Not bad at SGD$48 for 2 plates of this.  Fish and Chips.  Honestly, the portion of fish is a little small.  A lot of batter.  But it’s fresh and crispy.  We actually ordered 4 plates of this because it wasn’t enough for 2 adults and 1 child. We did wind up taking 1 plate home.Not a bad price for what you get.  Give it a shot.


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