Supply & Demand – Orchard Gateway

Tucked away in the corner at Orchard Gateway is Supply & Demand.  A place that serves mainly Italian fare.

As soon as the menu hits the table, I see this. That’s right, the Cheeseburger Pizza!  It features Ground Beef, Cheese, Tomato, Lettuce, Onion and Pickles.  Plus it has Ketchup and Mustard on it!  I have to try! The flavor wasn’t that bad.  It was interesting that’s for sure!  Would I get it again?  I am not sure about that.

This is Mushroom Risotto.  My MIL didn’t quite like it because it wasn’t plain rice.Seafood Agio Olio. Prawn Vodka Spaghetti.  Not bad.

And then dessert.  Rainbow Cake and Ice Cream!Decent place to have a simple Italian meal.


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