Mad About Sucre – Outram

Lunch with Dessert in mind is where we wanted to head for our anniversary, so we decided to go to Mad About Sucre for an excellent lunch and their renowned desserts.

Beautiful space inside. They make desserts behind here! We decided to have our lunch first.  This is Oxtail Penne. The flavor is so intense and awesome. A nice combo and good for an overcast day. Next was the total opposite – a lighter pasta dish.  This is duck with tomatoes, cranberries and caviar.  A lighter more refreshing pasta.  Total contrast, it was interesting.Next up was dessert!!! The desserts come with a tea pairing. In the end we went with the Rhythm of Four – a chocolate sponge concoction resembling a horseshoe with Orange Jelly and a Vanilla Ice Cream underneath.  The mix of flavors were classic and smooth.This is Five Stones, representing the stones left when horse riding in France.  It is Yuzu, Mango, Sage and Pineapple.  Very light and plain awesome! They came out especially for us too!  What a special moment for them to recognize it for us! I really want to thank them for recognizing us and for being a part of our special day!A Happy Anniversary to my wife!  Thank you for putting up with all my food! Here are the daily dessert choices. And the menu!


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