La Tequila – Guadalajara, Mexico

There really is nothing like eating authentic food in the country of origin.  Such is the case with Mexico and it’s native foods.  By our hotel in Guadalajara there is La Tequila, a restaurant with a lot of Mexican specialties.

There is a nice semi-al fresco seating which makes a nice atmosphere. Being a non-alcohol drinker, one of the things that I love about Mexico are the Aqua Frescas.  Fresh, light and tasty, they really add to the meal.  Here you have Strawberry/Guava and also Pineapple Mint.  We added some Cucumber Lemon after that. We start out with some homemade fried tortillas, served with Pickled Cactus. Homemade Salsa.  They ask how spicy you want it, then they go to the station, combine the ingredients and make it fresh for you.  Amazing.Of course you need Guacamole. And Queso. But let’s start the parade of food!  This is a Bone Marrow Tostada.  Wow, so deep in flavor and so rich.  It really is a great bite. Next are Tlacoyitos, a softer tostada, with Octopus inside.The Octopus is mixed well with sauces, made hot and put inside. Taco Time!  These are Blue Corn Tortillas and inside are Prawns battered with Grasshoppers Crumbles. You honestly can’t taste the difference between the Grasshopper Crumble and a regular Breaded Crumble on the outside.Ribeye and Marrow Tacos.  Meat is so tender, it really hits the spot. Chicharrón Tacos.  Crispy and flavorful.And we finished it off with some Chicken Pablano Mole.  Traditional for the area, the Mole is deep and rich in flavor. Such great flavors and a great eating experience.  My short trip to Guadalajara has given me a full belly so far!


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