Loló – Guadalajara, Mexico

We hit the trendy section of Guadalajara for dinner and wound up at Plaza Andares, a high-end mall.  Once there a large selection of local and international restaurants awaited us.  We wanted a local fix, thus, we went to Loló.

It’s pretty much an al fresco space with a nice bar. On to the food!  We of course need to start with Tacos.  This is the Tuna Taco.  Seared Ahi done very nicely! Tacos al Pastor.  Nice! Tropical Taco – Fried Prawns with Corn, Pineapple Salsa.  It was actually cold, so it was different! We also went for some fresh Octopus! Guacamole on the bottom and a nice fresh sauce on it! Vacio – Flank Steak grilled on a bed of Porcini Cream with Sweet Potato Strings.  Flavorful for sure!Fancy food, but real good!


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