RM Alam Sari Deltamas – Cikarang, Indonesia

Just outside of Jakarta, Cikarang has a lot of industrial estates and people have to eat!  We headed to this nice eatery called RM Alam Sari Deltamas.  It’s a little unassuming on the outside.

But walk out the back and there is a huge area with eating pavilions set amongst rice paddies. Truly a sight to see, it makes you feel one with the night sky.The food is geared towards Sudanese, but there is a nice variety.  The chili that is put out is quite spicy! A little Sate to start the evening.  This is Mutton Sate.  Indonesian Sate is a little different than Malay or Singaporean Satay, as it’s less sweet.  This is pretty good. A little Fried Fish to start out the night.  Even though it’s fried, it’s still juicy inside and tender. Grilled Gourami.  Something you find a bit in Indonesia.  This one is grilled with Kecap Manis so it’s a little sweet and the taste it quite nice. Seafood Kang Kong.  A little veggie to go along with the fish.A nice atmosphere for some nice food.  Definitely a nice spot.


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