Indochine – Chijmes

We decided to hit Indochine at Chijmes one night for dinner.  We have heard about it, but just have never been.  So it would be interesting to try out, especially when we were trying to make sure we ordered items so that our son could also eat.

Most of the seating is al fresco in the Chijmes yard, but there are some seats inside by the pass. We ordered a variety of food.  We started with some Fried Squid – or as you know it, Calamari.  This was quite nice.  Crispy, not so oily and the squid was done right.Sugarcane Prawns because my son loves prawn.  This was actually a little flavorless.  Good for him, not so much for me. The Indochine version of Fish and Chips – which was like everyone else’s Fish and Chips.  Not a great effort if you ask me.And then Duck with some crispy noodles underneath.  This was not nice at all.  I regretted ordering it. Average and run of the mill.  I don’t think I would recommend it, maybe for tourists, but for me, I can get better elsewhere for a better price.


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