Ginza Tenkuni – Ginza, Tokyo

When the company says let’s go for Tempura, I go.  But, it was at Ginza Tenkuni – a place which I was not so impressed with the last time.

But, this time we went for the Omakase course upstairs.  There were 12 of us, so let’s see what they have!

Here is our menu for the evening, read from right to left.

First course was a mix of appetizers to warm us up. Let’s take a closer look.  We have an egg wrapped with prawn.  Then underneath the leaf is some Ika.  The “pine needles” are actually a baked soba made to look like a pine needle. What is interesting here is that there is a Radish Rabbit.  It symbolizes luck in this case! Next is a Salmon wrapped ball of rice with wasabi.  Then some Tamago with a Gingko Nut. Lastly some mountain vegetables that are seasonal. Next up is a Sashimi course of Maguro and Tai. Our first round of Tempura is here.  Prawns, Lotus Root, Ika and Okra.  The prawns were really disappointing here.  Small and not flavorful at all. A salad helps to relieve the oil. Next – Tempura of Beans, Sweet Potato and Fish. Lastly we have Mushrooms, Onion and Anago. Pickles to go with the Rice. And to top it all off – Hokkaido Milk Ice Cream with Mango Sauce.Dessert was by far the best.  The tempura was ok, but not spectacular in my eyes.  Just something about it.  It was definitely a better visit than last time though.


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