Gogung (고궁) – Seoul

Gogung (고궁) is a famous place known for its Bibimbap.  So of course, we had to go!  Right in the heart of Myeongdong, it’s a nice little shop for a good late lunch.

They also do BBQ at night, so it’s set up that way also. They have sets to experience all of them, so we decided to go with the first set because we also wanted the Seafood Pancake. Raw Rice Wine.  Absolutely terrible. Banchan, quite a few of them. Pickled Cabbage. Kimchi of course. Salad. A type of little pancake dumpling.  Quite nice. Mushrooms Onto the mains!  Seafood Pancake.  Not bad a little mushy, but still full of flavor. Regular Bibimbap.  A little bit of spice and quite good flavor. Hot Stone Bibimbap.  Same, but better.  I prefer mine warmer than cold.Famous, but to me, a little average.  But it was good!


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