Fatburger – Kinex Mall, Geylang Serai

Fatburger comes to Singapore and of course I have to try. There is good and bad here.

Burger – pretty tasty, like I have had in Cali

Fries – eh

Onion Rings – pretty tasty, a nice Onion Ring

Buffalo Wings – closest I have had in Singapore to real Buffalo Wings


It took 30 minutes for everything to come out. Burger came first after 15 min. How can you eat a burger with no fries? Then another 15 minutes before fries, rings and wings came out.

How in the world can you make people wait like that?

I saw one table experience the same, finish all their food and then their Milkshake arrived.

That’s pretty bad scheduling/timing/production.

Left feedback for them on the website – zero response.

I’ll try it again to see if the same situation happens, but only because the burger, rings and wings are pretty good.


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