Tribal – Niyama, Maldives

The Maldives is all about relaxing, sun, relaxing, water and food.  Niyama was our island of choosing and the first night we decided to try Tribal – an African/Latin American themed restaurant featuring specialities from that area.

It was pretty open and actually quite dark in the place.The menu was also quite spread out.

Before we began we got a Plaintain Soup.

From there, we went with the food.

Bread with different butters to start.

We started with Tiwi Calamari from Kenya. Lots of flavor here.

Our mains were a Hunter’s Choma Sampler from Namibia. This featured Crocodile Tail, Blesbok Loin, Springbok Tenderloin and Beef Boerewors. All quite tasty.

And a Black Cod from Honduras with nice Latin American flavors also.

The little one had Corn Tostadas and the Grilled Fish (only pic of the Tostadas)

Quite unique.  I am not sure we would go back if our stay was longer though.



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