Lokkee – Plaza Singapura

I keep reading about Lokkee and how it pays homage to Americanized Chinese food.  Being a sort of expert on that front, I decided it was finally worth a try.

Cute, a condom wrapper with a wet tissue… If that’s what we’re in for then I am not so sure… Time for the menu.  There is a play on a lot of American style Chinese food, but let’s decide for ourselves. Honey Pecan Shrimp.  It’s almost always Walnuts, which it is in this case if you look at the picture.  Not sure why it’s called Pecan Shrimp though.  Maybe they don’t know the difference?  Either way, it’s ok, but the key to this dish is the soft layer of batter, not a real crispy one.  This one is well fried.  It’s ok. General Tso’s Chicken!  I don’t think they’ve seen it before… Not there for me. Roast Duck.  OK, not American style, but not bad either. Their Baos.  They don’t really do them like this in America.  Was ok.Lo Mein.  Even served in a Chinese Takeout Box!  Looks like my mom made it.  It wasn’t bad. This was the coolest thing though.It’s a miss for me on trying to match American style Chinese food.  They need to study it a little better.  They have to get it right, there are so many American Chinese Takeouts in the US, they have to get the way to cook it from somewhere!


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