Yellow Cab Pizza – Millenia Walk

Yellow Cab is a chain of pizza shops that tout New York style Pizza.  Let me be the judge of that.

NYC Pizzas, let’s see what it gives us.  But, let’s try NY Wings first.  Not sure what NY Wings are, maybe it’s considered Buffalo Wings?  Who knows?  But here they are.  They are crispy, spicy, but I am not sure what makes them NY style. And the NYC Pizza.

Are you kidding me?  This is NYC Pizza?

Where’s the crust?  There are frozen pizzas better than this out there.  This is a travesty and such an insult to call this NY Pizza.Absolutely false advertising.  These people have never been to NYC.  If so, they never would have called this NYC Pizza.  Maybe NYC Pizza you buy in an NYC supermarket frozen section.


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