SBCD Tofu House – Tanjong Pagar

Sundubu is what I like.  Yes, I do.  Do of course, I had to try SBCD Tofu House.  I have tried the same named ones in Seattle and wondered how close was it?

What do I usually order?  A meat dish and it comes with Sundubu and Banchan.  The Banchan here is not too large, but enough to get through.  The fried fish though is a specialty. Rice of course.  This one is plain white, where I have seen purple multi-grain rice also in this situation. The meat I almost always order is Galbi.  The ribs are tremendously good, fatty and delicious. And then Sundubu.  This is seafood.  Awesome.The flavors are great.  The only problem is the price.  Almost $40SGD for this meal because of the Galbi!  That is quite high.


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