Austin House – Forest Hills, Queens, NYC

My parents have their go-to places in Forest Hills.  The Austin House is one of them.  They have a bunch of specials every day and it is a diner in every sense of the word.

The place is definitely old school. All good diners give you bread.  Here, it’s Challah – and it has to be hot! The special here includes a Salad, 2 Sides and a drink.  For a little more you can add dessert and wine.  Here is the huge salad. It’s really nice and fresh. My parents say that the Grilled Fish here is excellent.  In this case they went for the Grilled Snapper. Then there is a Crabmeat Stuffed Brook Trout.  The stuffing is very much like the stuffing in a Baked Clam or Clams Casino.  Those of you that know New York know exactly what I am talking about.  The bottom line is that the fish is fresh and great! The sides are usual – overcooked veggies.  But, they do the job.I see the appeal.  The food is decent and the price is good.


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