AnnaMaya – Delhi Aerocity

I like to eat Indian food, but sometimes, as I mentioned before, it all seems to look the same, with the same ingredients and it’s all about how you mix it together.  Well, AnnaMaya is a bright different take on Indian food and I love it.Located at the Andaz in Aerocity, they tout local products in a fusion style of Euro/Indian.

The menu shows exactly this.  There is normal on the line Indian style, and then some fusion.

Love the fact that you can grate your own salt. Start off with some Papadum and Coriander Chutney. I never see Beet Root in Indian food.  This is Tandoori grilled Beet Root with Honey and Black Onion Seeds.  Wow, this was awesome. I don’t see Corn on the Cob much either.  This is kind of Mexican style – grilled in the tandoor with masala and lime and salt.  It was a little dry and I needed a little more of the seasoning.  But the idea is good. I rarely see Pork in India.  This is Malabar Pork Belly Curry.  A different combination for sure.  This is pretty awesome. And of course rice, which is flavored nicely.It’s not too cheap, but the possibilities are endless here.  It is pretty awesome and I can’t wait to try more.


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