Ah Hua Kelong – Serangoon

We had heard about Ah Hua Kelong and how they grow their own self-sustaining seafood.  So we had to try it for a family dinner.

Located inside a landed housing area, it’s a little out of the way.

Once inside there are tanks of seafood for you to choose from.

Crab is one of the main things here and we got it Chili and just plain steamed with Mantou. The chili was a little chunky, almost like Sambal. The claw is huge! Bigger than a two-year old’s head!Fresh Sea Bass steamed.They are also known for Bee Hoon.  Here is Lobster and then there is Seafood.

Teriyaki SotongThere is also non-seafood.  In this case some Honey Chicken Wings, Omelette and Buttermilk Chicken.

The food is good, give it a shot!


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