Burger + – Wisma

Always searching for a good burger.  Burger+ is from Korea, so let’s try it.  It’s located in the mall, I think where Omakase Burger used to be.  Let’s hope it’s not anything like Omakase…

The menu is quite large and it includes KFC. But only burgers today.  This is the Double Cheeseburger set with Cheese Fries. The burger is quite nice, juicy and firm.  Bun is also not too big.  I quite enjoyed it. Cheese Fries were loaded with Cheese.  That’s what you want when you order Cheese Fries. And a free ice cream with the set!I quite enjoyed the burger – but not the price.  It’s expensive! More than $30 with fries and drink!

Only for special times I guess…


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