Tung Lok Seafood – PLQ

Buffets are good. You can stuff your face. Dim Sum buffets are right up my alley because I love Dim Sum.

Tung Lok Seafood’s Buffet features Dim Sum and other dishes.

Is it worth it? For price and taste, yes!!!

Har Gow and Siew Mai were right on the money.

Chicken Feet, Spring Rolls, Fried Prawn Dumplings, Chili Dumplings – all good!

Spare Ribs, Char Siew Bao and Bean Curd Prawn – all good!

Braised Shark Fin with Fish Maw, Braised E-Fu Noodles, Stir Fried Beef, Century Egg and Lean Pork Congee –  sampling of dishes – all good.

Cuttlefish You Tiao in Rojak Sauce, Har Cheong Gai, Salted Egg Salmon Skin, Jellyfish and Salmon Sashimi – all good!

The Ice Cream Puffs were a let down though.

But the buffet is good and worth it!


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