Ling Zhi – Liat Towers

We decided to eat vegetarian and visited Ling Zhi because we had a voucher.

We started nicely with Asparagus, Lily Bulbs and Macadamia Nuts in a crispy basket. The veggies were fresh and the nuts.

Edamame Beancurd with Mushrooms. Not my taste, it just did not taste good to me.

Mock Fish with Pine Nuts and Sweet Sauce. Also not for me. The taste of the mock fish and consistency didn’t do it for me. In fact, I couldn’t finish one bite, it was terrible for me.

Assorted Vegetables in a Yam Ring. I also liked this because of the freshness of the vegetables.

The last dish was Sweet and Sour Button Mushrooms with Green Apples. By far the best dish of the day!

For me, just give me the veggies and forget about the mock meat. It’s better that way.


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