800° Woodfired Kitchen – Kinex

If you open a pizza shop and I hear about it, I will probably try it at some point. After all, I am a Pizza Connoisseur. Actually more of a Pizza Snob than anything.

800° Woodfired Kitchen is an import from California, showcasing fresh pizzas and pastas. It has opened in Kinex and I wanted to try it.

Meatballs and Jalapenos with Ricotta. The crust is definitely the usual style of nice on the outside and soggy in the middle. I still don’t understand it.

Even the good flavor can’t hide that soggy middle.

I made my own on the next one with Peppers, Onions, Pepperoni and Mushrooms. I did not expect huge chunks of mushrooms! The mushrooms overpowered everything, even the soggy middle!

I will still try it again because I am a sucker for pizza.


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