Genki Sushi – Suntec

As far as Kaiten Sushi goes, there are different tiers in my eyes. Sushiro is on the top and a friend suggested a revamped Genki Sushi to me.

It has been awhile since I went to Genki and I decided to bring my son. The main attraction is the Sushi Train that brings the food to your table.

We had a variety of items, both raw and cooked.

Some of the usuals in Kanpachi, Ebi, Fluke and Ikura. Standard is good for sure. The Abalone Gunkan was something different and good.

Some of the fried items are pretty good. Prawns with Yuzu Mayo, Crabstick and Large Ebi.

Gyoza was nicely done as was the Spider Roll Hand Roll.

Abalone Chawamushi was a little extravagrant but silky.

The ice cream was a nice ending.

The variety is not large enough for me here, so I would still rather go to Sushiro.


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