Wanton Seng’s Eating House – Millenia Walk

Wanton Seng’s Eating House is a contemporary take on Wanton Mee. The younger generation has added some modern spin to the dish.

I tried the Signature Wanton Noodles. Here the Char Siew is replaced by Pork Belly, the Chai Xin by Broccolini and an Onsen Egg is added, along with their Wanton. The soup was placed in a small teapot.

I have to say it was quite a small portion and quite plain tasting and at a price of $13, not exactly worth it. As for the soup, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  How to drink it?  There was no cup, and the noodle is supposed to be dry…

I added the Fried Scallop and Prawn Wanton on the side. Nice inside and crispy as it was fried on the spot. But, like the Wanton Noodle, the price is quite high.

I really need a good reason to come back.


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