Happy Congee 满粥了 – Jalan Besar

With the lifting of some restrictions in Singapore we are now allowed to dine out in pairs or solo.

So I went for comfort food – Hong Kong food – at Happy Congee 满粥了.

炸兩 – Ja Leung (Cantonese) or Zha Liang (Mandarin) – is Chinese Fried Dough Sticks (yuah tiu/you tiao 油条 or yauh ja gwai/you zha guo 油炸粿) fried and then wrapped in Silky Rice Flour Sheets.

It is by far my favorite dim sum dish and Happy Congee does it magnificently!

Silky Sheets, Crispy Yauh Ja Gwai and sweet and salty sauce. Man, it hits the spot.

Pair that with Boat Congee, 艇仔粥, and you have a winning combination any day!

All the ingredients are fresh and just lovely.

Comforting for sure!


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