Namh Mi Thit – Geylang

Banh Mi Thit in Geylang has gotten a good reputation for the best Banh Mi in town. I tried a variety of them to check it out.

Let me start off by saying the bread is absolutely amazing. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, it is a delight in every bite!

Banh Mi Trung is a nice Egg Sandwich. The Egg is nice and goes well with the fillings. Great breakfast Banh Mi!

Banh Mi Heo was also pretty nice. Flavorful and just nice. But maybe not enough filling.

Banh Mi Bo had a garlicky taste to it and was just enough. I wanted more veggie though.

Banh Mi Cha Lua also needed a touch more veggie.

I would eat it again though!


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