Green Common – Vivo

The verdict is still out for me on plant-based meat substitutes and the dishes made from them.

While having no meat, I am still not convinced that it is that much healthier for you.

Taste-wise though, some of it can be pretty damn good.

Green Common at Vivo is a place to get dishes with plant-based meat substitutes and the choices look good.

We settled on Fish Tacos, Pizza, Fish Sandwich and Beef Hor Fun.

The Tacos were real good. All the extras were well done and the fried fish was so good, you couldn’t tell.

The pizza was ok for me, the pizza snob, and the Fish Sandwich was good because the Fried Fish was awesome. The sweet potato fries were also awesome.

The Hor Fun was nice, but the beef substitute failed for me. This one tasted like bean curd rolls to me.

It all came with nice freshly prepared juices for us to enjoy.

Overall, I would go for the tacos again!


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