Havana Harry’s – Coral Gables, FL

We picked up some Cuban food from Havana Harry’s for a large gathering and honestly, my first Miami Cuban Food experience was just so-so.

I think it was because it was delivered and the order was missing some items, so the dishes were not complete.

We had the Vaca Frita – shredded Beef with Onions and a Mojo Sauce. The sauce is a sourish sauce which is quite nice.

Pork Chunks, slow cooked and also using Mojo Sauce. I thought it was a bit overcooked and too dry for my liking.

Salmon with Guava Tartar Sauce. Tasty, but a little salty.

Rice and Beans accompanied all.

I definitely think that picking up a large tray of food versus in-house dining makes a big difference. It seems to have here.


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