Koma – Marina Bay Sands

One of the most talked about restaurants at Marina Bay Sands is Koma. It’s a Japanese Fusion style restaurant with very Instagrammable photo opportunities. We chose to make a reservation for our wedding anniversary here and we were not dissappointed!

First off, the place was full of great picture spots, it is beautiful inside!

Secondly, the food was pretty good!

We started with some appetizers:

Crispy Chicken – Fried with rice on the outside, truffle oil and a tomato ponzu dressing. Fresh and crisp, juicy inside!

Crispy Chicken Gyoza – Perfectly done and so much flavor

Taro Chip Tuna Tacos – Fusion at its best. Maguro sashimi inside Taro Taco Shells with the right amount of dressing

Next the mains

Miso Marinated Black Cod – So tender and soft, the flavor was outstanding

Wafu Carbonara with Uni – So rich and satisfying without being overbearing. Such a nice balanced dish

For dessert we got a complimentary Mango Mousse Cake. This was a bit disappointing though.

Lemon Yuzu – Lemon Mousse with Yuzu Jam. So refreshing and tart, just a great dessert

Bonsai – Looks like a Bonsai Tree! Matcha Cake with Molten Dark Chocolate Crumbles and Chocolate Mousse soil. Served with Gelato as well. Yum!

Such a great meal – and it didn’t set us back as much as we thought!


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