Jay Fai – Bangkok

We made the decision to brave the crowds and try to get in and try Jay Fai and the Michelin-starred cuisine.

We joined the queue at 3:45pm, got our number, which was 20 away from the current number, and waited. We watched Jay Fai cook and watched all the food going out while trying to decide what to eat.

At 5:55pm our number was called to place an order. At 6:20pm we finally sat down. at 6:55pm we got our first dish. At Jay Fai, since Jay Fai is the only cook, all dishes from a table get cooked in order. Therefore, once you get your first dish, all your others are coming quickly!

The famous Crab Omelette. This was loaded with Crab Meat, but honestly, I wish the Egg was a little more runny. But, the taste was really good!

Pad See Ew Talay was full of large pieces of Seafood, and the noodles were soft and sticky and good wok hei from the charcoal burners used.

Yellow Curry Prawns. The size of the Prawns are enormous! But the curry is not too present. While fresh and so tasty, I wanted more curry.

The Drunken Noodles were full of flavor. The added spice to this one really made this quite an enjoyable dish.

We wish we ordered the Tom Yum, as it smelled so good, but alas, no more room!

Worth the experience – but only once if you ask me.


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