Sushizanmai – Tsukiji Market

We had a short break before we had to head to our office, so we took a quick trip to Tsukiji Outer Market and hit Sushizanmai.

Yes it is popular, and yes, its touristy, but it does serve good sushi for those who want the experience.

A deluxe platter which consisted of (top then left to right) Anago, Ootoro, Kanpachi, Chutoro, Ika, Hotate, Herring Roe, Mackeral, Ebi, Baby Chives, Uni and Ikura.

A regular platter with some of the same items, but no Ootoro and Uni.

Some cooked items as well. Cooked Ebi, Seared Ootoro, Anago and Gindara.

Yes, quick and good.


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