Authentic Table Tavern – Nara

The centuries-old town of Nara has a restaurant operated by a friend of mine and when I there he hosted me and some colleagues for a private dinner.

Authentic Tavern Table is a unique place that offers western dishes using local self-sustaining ingredients.

The star of the night – Braised Kobe Beef Cheek. Oh my goodness….

So tender and soft, dressed in a red wine sauce with buttery mash and topped with fresh white wasabi – to die for.

We started out night with some Prosciutto which was made from Black Pigs from Kagoshima. Sublime.

Mushroom Soup from the local soil followed by a platter of Potato Salad with Potatoes from Hokkaido, Capsicums and Greens from local farms.

Oysters from Hokkaido were unreal!

Broccoli with a Ham Sauce – so fresh!

After the Beef we topped it off with fresh cream with berries and a Lemon Jelly with biscuits.

I don’t know what else to say – just amazing.


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