Ichiban Sushi – Novena

This is a chain sushi restaurant in Singapore, the food actually isn’t that bad.  They have some good sets for a good price and some creative sushi rolls.  Kids love it because of the conveyor belt, and honestly, it’s passable for a meal.

I like some of the creative stuff, so I usually go for those.  If I want straight nigri sushi, I will go to a real good sushi house and get it, not a chain.

Here is a roll that features some spicy tuna, then shrimp salad.  It was very nice, the rice was nice and sticky. The rice roll was also tempura fried before putting the shrimp salad on top.


The common, but not so common spicy Spider Roll.  Soft shell crab and then on the outside rolled in the spicy powder.


Cereal Prawn roll.  Cereal Tempura Prawn inside, and then the cereal coated on the outside.  This is real good.


Then I always like a simple Green Tea Soba, chilled, with some tempura.  It makes a nice complement to the meal.


As I said, plain and simple, chain restaurant that serves decent food.  Don’t go expecting high grade sushi, you won’t get it.  But you will fill your belly.  Ichiban Soshi is one of the better ones for this.



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