Penang Kitchen – Tanjong Katong

Another of those classic, I walk by, I always see it, but I never go in.  I think the reason is is because it’s right across the street from Punggol Nasi Lemak, and I always go there instead.

But today, I walked by and I wanted lunch.  And I saw the Thursday Assam Laksa special.  Inside I went!


Of course when you advertise Laksa as one of your best dishes, you must try.  And this one was pretty good.  Broth nice, the ingredients also quite nice.  This one had the mint and basil, which gives it a distinct taste when eating.


And sometimes, you need Loh Bok.


This one was ok, juicy inside, nicely tender with meat and fillings.


The other things also looked quite nice, will have to try it again!

And try again we did.  That was April 18, this was a Friday dinner on May 3.

This time we went with some new things.

Penang Hokkien Style Prawn Mee.  This is soupy, and taste pretty good.


Penang Char Kway Teow.  Not too greasy and with that nice chili kick at the end.


Belanchan Chicken Wings.  Yummy!


Always too full to order the Ice Kacang and Chendol…


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