Tamoya Udon たも屋うどん-シンガポール – Liang Court

I was walking through Liang Court and noticed this Udon place.  It reminded me of a lot of small shops and drive-in type places in Japan where you go in, order the base noodles, and then add on tempura, or rice cakes, or other things.  So I dove my head in to take a look at it.



It’s pretty simple, you go in, you order the udon you want.  Then you proceed to take any of the tempura and other sides you want.  Then you pay and head to the toppings bar and put the toppings you want on it.  Then, you eat.

Details on how to order, nicely done.


The types of Udon you can order.  Simple ones, and then other varieties.


After receiving your udon, you proceed to the tempura/topping.


Then after you pay, you hit the condiments.  Bonito, spring onions, minced for sauce, then pickles and sauces and spices.


So what did I do?  I went for the Kitsune Udon, a specialty of the Kyoto/Osaka region.  It is sweet beancurd on udon.  The udon is in a nice fish soup.  Then I chose Tempura of Prawn, Chikuwa, Shitake Mushroom and a Vegetable Croquette.


Not cheap, about $14 for this set because of the added items, but it was pretty tasty.  Very filling.  Definitely worth a try!

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