928 Restaurant Ngee Fou (Hakka) Ampang Yong Tou Fou

As foodies know, you don’t always set your plans in stone and then go eat.  Sometimes you get in the car and you look and you see.  And then you decide to stop and find something to eat.  Such was the case for lunch on Saturday.  We were in the Upper Thomson area, heading towards Woodlands and just decided to look for something to eat.  Our fallback was Casaurina Curry, but we wanted something different.

Once you drive past the SLE on Upper Thomson, a row of shophouses appears on  your right.  So that’s where we decided to go and find something to eat.

After walking one round down the street we saw a lot of people at one stall so we decided to try it.  Also because the neighboring stall promoter stated that “Both stalls are the same”, leaving us to infer that their stall was a copy of the other one.


Endorsed by food shows around Singapore as well.


So we went for it.  We had no idea how to order.  Regular Yong Tou Fou, you select what you want and they cook it for you.  Here, not the case.  You tell them how many people to serve and they serve it to you.  $4.50 per head, you say how many people, they serve you.  And they accompany it with rice.


So this was for one person.  Kang Kong, Tofu, Tofu Bok, Fishball, Fried Quail Egg, Crispy Bean Curd with filling, Fried Dumpling, Fish Paste in Bitter Melon, Eggplant, etc. all smothered in a sweet garlicky sauce, and then served with rice.  Very filling and hearty, and the taste, pretty good.

Then we also went with some Dumpling Soup, where the dumplings were a little thin, but still of good taste.


Filling meal, not bad at all.  If not for parking problems, perhaps I would consider going more often.

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