Ubin Kitchen – Joo Chiat

A Father’s Day dinner is a nice time to try out different things.  We all love seafood, but sometimes we just don’t want to go to Jumbo, Long Beach, No Signboard, etc.  So we try different things.  We have been eyeing Ubin Kitchen on Joo Chiat for awhile and today, we decided to try it.


Located right next to the public car park off Joo Chiat Road, towards the Marine Parade section, near Tian Tian, Bak Kut Teh, etc, it offers its meals with no GST and no service charge.  A little attractive since seafood costs a lot and you can save 17% on the prices.

One of their trademark dishes is their Ngoh Hiang.  It was fresh, nicely fried and very tasty inside. Not too salty and not to oily.  Definitely a winner.


Their Seafood Hor Fun was a little bland though, but still well cooked.


Spinach with three eggs (Century, Salted and Regular).  Spinach fresh, cooked nice, always a nice veggie dish to have.


Bamboo Clams with Vermicelli and Garlic.  A little heavy on the garlic, but the clams are nice, not rubbery.  The Tang Hoon though, a little underdone, but still ok.  Missing the nice sauce that usually comes with it.


Honey Pork Ribs.  A+ winning dish!  My only complaint is that they were not sliced enough, so each section had 2-3 ribs in it, making it a little messy and big to eat.  But otherwise, the taste nice, not too sweet, the ribs cooked so that the meat falls off the bones.  A winner.


Steamed Soon Hock.  I don’t get Soon Hock, it’s a nice fish, but I am only eh on it.  I prefer a nice steamed Sea Bass, Tilapia, or if you want to splurge, Grouper.  I find it has too many small bones, and is small for it’s cost and size.  But, this one cooked nicely.


Roasted Chicken.  Juicy, good, filling.  Not bad at all.


Salted Egg Crab.  The crab here is fresh and juicy.  Definitely a good one.  The sauce does make you very thirsty though, as it’s a little “dry” and choking as salted egg can be.  But the flavors here are nice.


Chili Crab.  A lot of tomato and a lot of spicy.  Together it works out ok and it’s not bad.  The crab is good though, which makes the dish nice.


Nice Mantou!

IMG_1885It’s a nice place to go, the price isn’t bad.  For 13 (9+3 kids and 1 baby) with drinks, this was only $320.  Pretty good and worth it.  The food good and the service is good too.  Give this one a shot.

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