BJ Grill Seafood – Old Airport Road

I saw this new seafood stall pop up on the aisle facing the outdoor seating at Old Airport Road and I decided to give it a try.  I was craving some stingray, so I went for it.  This stall seems to be run by a bunch of young chaps, and seems pretty popular.


I went for the smallest portion of Sambal Stingray, $8.  And what came after a 25 minute wait was this.  It was pretty big!  Thick slab of stingray where the meat was nice and tender.  The sambal was not too spicy, and a little sweet, helping make it a great taste.  And then the chicalok was not so fishy tasting, so it complemented it real well.


I must say, this surprised me.  I thought it would be run of the mill, but it is not that bad at all.  I’ll have to try the other seafood at their stall the next time.


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