Pies & Coffee – Tanjong Katong

Savory Pies and a nice hot drink.  Why not?  A great lunch, especially if you have a Groupon!  So armed with a Groupon for the Savory Lunch Set at Pies & Coffee, off I went!  Located on the great food stretch of Tanjong Katong, it’s two doors down from the corner Ponggol Nasi Lemak and former 7-11 or Indonesian or Indian restaurant, I can’t remember which.  But it’s right next to Smith’s Fish & Chips.


They also have two other outlets, Rochester Park and Grandstand, but this one is close to me, so I wanted to see what it was all about.

Inside, quite nice with a display case to make your mouth water.  There are savory and sweet pies.  My Groupon was for Savory Lunch Set.


The Savory Lunch set was one Savory Pie, your choice, a small salad and mash potato.  Then you also got a hot drink, either coffee or tea, and a scoop of ice cream.

After a little bit of a deliberation, well, really none whatsoever, because savory pies are always about meat, I went with the Waygu Beef Cheek Pie.

It came out looking real nice, the salad nicely dressed, the mash with a nice amount of gravy, and you can add your own tomato, chili, etc to your pie.


But of course the real test is to slice open the pie and see what’s inside.  It can look nice on the outside, but if there is nothing on the inside, then, well, you know it’s not great.

Sliced it open and some gravy and stew just oozed out.  Yummy!


Great taste inside.  There is plenty of beef, so you can taste it.  The seasoning quite nice, not too salty, and then the veggies inside were nicely cooked and soft.  The crust was thin, but not too thin, so you could enjoy it, but not have it overwhelm you.

Nicely done on the pie!

A normal price of $15 for the set, I don’t know that I would normally get it, but at $8 with all included, not bad.  Normally the pies come salad and mash, and this one, the Waygu Beef Cheek, was $8.95.  So not a bad a la carte deal at times.

Here is the Duck Confit Pie.  This was pretty good too.  The duck inside was nice and tender, not too oily, and just a nice taste.


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